3 Ways To Be A Successful & Memorable Businessperson

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business-740076_1280Today I want to talk with you about things that you can do which will make you memorable in the eyes of others. If you are memorable, you will be able to make a bigger impact on those around you. This may mean different things depending on what you do. This could lead to landing that big client. This could mean that you get hired for your dream job. This could mean that you can get a second date or even better service at a restaurant.

There isn’t some magic trick that you can perform to make people remember you. In fact, most of this is just common sense. However, we take these concepts for granted in our everyday lives. If you remember to focus on these things, you will not only be memorable, you will be more successful as well.

#1) Know Your Values

When you introduce yourself, try to convey one of your core values during the introduction. Don’t say, “Hello! My name is Thom McFadden and I run Success for Real.” Instead, introduce yourself like this, “Hello! My name is Thom McFadden and I am the CEO of Success for Real, a company that helps people succeed in their life through emphasis on building healthy habits, communication skills, and evaluating our personalities.”

This works on a number of levels. For instance, if the person you are talking to needs your help in one of those fields, he or she will be more likely to remember you. In addition to that, this person can now correlate your face and name with a value instead of just some random business name that he or she may forget.

#2) Observe & Emulate Your Mentorsapple-758334_1280

Do you have a mentor? Not all of us do. If you don’t have one, I highly suggest that you find one soon. Mentors can help you succeed in the ways that you consider to be important. Watch how your mentor introduces his or herself. How does he or she stand? What does he or she say? Eye contact, yes or no? How does your mentor engage in conversation? This doesn’t just work for mentors either. Make sure that you are taking mental notes when you run across someone who is memorable. First impressions are important – no matter what anyone says.

#3) Amp Up Your Confidence When You Speak

Communication is important. It isn’t just about what you say though. It is also about what you don’t say and how you say the things you do say. Omitting words like “seems,” and “just” immediately helps you speak with gusto and confidence.

Don’t be embarrassed to introduce yourself either. Say Hello! Don’t be insecure about your job. If you feel passionate about what you do, don’t be scared of conveying that passion.

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