3 Tips To Help You Live Your Dreams

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Today I wanted to talk about three things that you can do to make sure that you’re not only reaching your dreams but living your dream as well.

#1) Own Your Dues


We all have to pay our dues. We wait on tables. We clean for others. We cook for others. We spend months or years eating ramen instead of steaks. We work as grunts. We have to deal with frustrating customers. We all pay our dues in different ways in order to reach our goals.

You may not realize it but 99% of successful people have to pay their dues and while it may seem like some of them had everything just handed to them – it’s not true. Voice-acting and night school for acting lessons. Years of being told that their dreams are bunk. Everyone has had to deal with the frustrations that you are – even if they are in a different form.

We have a tendency of condemning this period of our lives though. We look forward and long for the end result of our efforts without enjoying what we can about the present. Our lives are too short not to enjoy our journeys of professional and personal development.

#2) Keep a Positive Outlook


What attitude do you bring to the table? Depending on what attitude you bring to the table, you could either be an optimist, realist, or pessimist – there are exceptions of course. Being optimistic about your journey and your future will only help you – not hinder you. So why aren’t you optimistic?

#3) Lists Are Your Friend


I keep a list of everything. Since I’m busy from sun up to sun down, I can’t afford to be unorganized. I take a chunk of time on Sundays to create a task list for the week. It is basically a skeleton of my work day and my personal time.

Then, every night during the week, I look at the next day and make sure that I don’t forget anything. I create even more meticulous lists because that is how my brain is wired. I may be classified as a “creative” but I am also organized (a trait that isn’t normally classified as a “creative” trait). I’ve developed this trait out of necessity. Because of that, I’ve never missed a deadline or an audition.

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