3 Tips for Successful Video Conferencing

Heaven High and Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to talk about something close to my heart: being on camera. At one point in life, we all dream about what it would be like to be able to act or speak on camera. For some of you, the mere thought of being in front of the camera is frightening. For others, it is invigorating. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, you will eventually find yourself in front of a set of lens one of these days.

For most of you, it will start with your webcam and Skype.

Do you Skype with your family or friends?

Do you use a video conferencing software to help you stay in touch with your colleagues from afar?

Do you use your webcam to make YouTube videos?

If you answered, “YES” to any of these questions, you will benefit from these tips about how to look good in front of your webcam.

#1) LIGHTS! Camera! Action!

Lighting is very important when it comes to making you look good. Try not to have any light behind you to silhouette your image in front of the camera. It will also cast odd shadows. Not only that, when that backlight hits your webcam, your computer will compensate by going even darker. This will end up making you look like a faceless shadow – talk about creepy and unattractive!

Instead, have a light that faces you. This is how they make people look good on TV, after all. Play with the placement of the light and your natural posture so that you can cast the right shadows (or lack thereof) and get the right amount of light so that you can share your beautiful face with the public.

#2) What’s That in the Background???

Mind your backdrop. Make sure that there isn’t a bathroom or anything funky behind you. No one wants to see a dingy shower curtain when they’re trying to focus on what you’re saying.

Also consider what type of image you want to portray. If you want people to really focus on your words instead of the background, sit against a white wall or a solid color background. If you want to seem more studious, place yourself in front of a bookcase or two.

Make sure that you’re in the center of the webcam and that you adjust the height to your natural posture. Try not to slouch because that can make you appear weak and submissive.

Background audio is also important. Find a nice, quiet place to record. Make sure that you don’t have to fight any other noises in that room. Speak at a normal volume. Unless there is something wrong with your mic or their speakers, you shouldn’t have to strain your voice to be heard. Speaking of which…

#3) Check Your Equipment

Using an Ethernet cable instead of your Wi-Fi will ensure that you’re video isn’t going to be choppy and that you won’t constantly be 2 seconds behind in the conversation.

If you share your internet network with others, ask them not to upload or download any large files during your transmission or recording because it’ll slow down the connection. If your connection becomes slow, your viewers will find it hard to see and/or hear you and you can start to appear “laggy” (i.e. your video and/or audio will freeze and have to buffer for long periods of time).

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