Heaven Hi and Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to chat with you about your career path. What career path are you on? Most of us have jobs but do you consider those jobs to be your career? What would you think if you were to spend the rest of your life working there? Would you be happy? Content? Ecstatic? Unhappy? Disappointed?

Do you often talk to your manager or boss about what your career path is in your place of employment? How often does that happen?

Statistics show that most people want to chat with their managers about their career once a year or quarterly. However, these same statistics show that nearly half of the employees polled don’t actually discuss their career path with their employers at all. The other half do so annually – during progress meetings and evaluations.

Yes, it is Friday. Yes, we’re all ready to celebrate the weekend. However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely drop your professional development. My suggestion?

Spend a couple of hours on Sunday, trying to better yourself by reflection, planning, and taking the initiative.

REFLECTION: Reflect on your past week. What went well? What didn’t go well? How can you improve upon that? Now reflect on what you want in the future. Create goals (professional and personal), if you haven’t done so already.

PLANNING: Now that you’ve made your long term goals, create short term goals that will lead you down the right path. What is your five year plan? Now divide that into five, shorter, one-year plans. Got that? Great! Now look at the next year. What is your short term goal for the six month mark? What about next month? Keeping these goals will help you keep your future in perspective.

In addition to this, I would also try to plan out your workweek. Make a to-do list to make sure that you plan out your time well. Look at the projects that you need to complete and projects that you want to complete. What planning tool do you use? Is there a different tool that you can utilize? Old school hard-copy planners? Online calendar and task list that can sync to your various devices?

TAKING THE INITIATIVE: Request a meeting with your boss to talk about your professional goals for your career. How can you move up? What can you do to meet and surpass standards? Are you unhappy at your current job? Maybe your version of “taking the initiative” should be to look for another job in the field that you wish to follow for the rest of your life. What is your passion? What do you want to do in the future? How do you want to make your mark in this world?

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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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Thom McFadden, known as Hollywood’s “Coach to the Stars”, has been helping actors, writers, producers, directors and hundreds of other entertainment industry professionals to achieve new levels of success for over twenty years through his personal coaching and life-changing seminars and courses. Thom has been featured in 26 mainstream movies and over 100 television shows over his illustrious career.