3 Reasons Passion is Important in Public Speaking

Heaven High and Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

Some of you may already be in 2015. However, here on the West Coast of the US, we are still riding the tailcoat of 2014.

Today I wanted to talk about passion and why it is important in public speaking. Why is it important to feel strongly about your topic? Why does that make a difference if you have social anxiety or if you don’t like speaking in front of people?

#1) Engage Your Audience

When you are passionate about your topic, it shows – intentional or not. Passion is like the flu – it is contagious. Funneling your passion through your speech will transfer that passion into your audience and listeners too.

#2) It is Authentic and Charismatic


If you’re looking to be more authentic and charismatic when you give speeches, being passionate about what you will be talking about is the first step (and one of the most important steps). When you feel strongly about a topic your true self will show through your nervousness.

For people who have social anxiety or are afraid of speaking in public, being authentic when they have to give speeches is one of the biggest worries. They will often be stiff and look uncomfortable on stage or in front of people. Your passion will get you through that.

#3) Sincerity Shows Through Non-Verbals

Being sincere while you are passing along information is an important factor in winning over your audience. If they sense insincerity, you will automatically lose them. When you feel passionate about the topic, your sincerity will show through your voice and your non-verbal communication – which is an important part of communication.

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