3 Habits To Help You Succeed in LIFE

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We do a lot of things that help ensure our success. I try to stay healthy by going to the gym every day and eating right. This helps me feel better physically and mentally, which improves my chances at succeeding in my everyday endeavors and my professional work.

Not everyone has habits that might seem sane to everyone. There are plenty of geniuses and successful people who have strands of eccentricity running through their DNA. However, some of their quirky habits have some scientific basis behind them while others might just have psychological benefits. Check them out and give them a try. Who knows what may work for you.

#1) Surround Yourself With Gold

It is said that gold can block out radio and television signals. There is a smog of signals that runs through our lives every day. We are bombarded with electrical waves all the time from our television screens, computers, tablets, and smartphones – at a minimum. Dr. Yoshiko Nakamatsu has a calm room that is tiled in 24-karat gold.

While you don’t necessarily need a space that is crawling in gold, you do need a calm space so that you can let your mind detox and relax. This will improve your mental performance since you’ll be able to let your mind categorize and store all of the information that it soaked in during the day.

#2) Detox

It is important to let your mind and your body detox from your hectic life. Just like it is imperative to let your mind recharge and categorize information, it is also important to let your body detox. You can do this for your body by fasting from different foods and doing different types of fasting. There is intermittent fasting (which is like alternate day fasting) and calorie restriction (consuming around 35 percent fewer calories than a normal day).

#3) Don’t Be Afraid To Daydream

Daydreaming used to get us in trouble. When we were in elementary school, if we got caught daydreaming, it usually meant that we would be put on the spot in front of class or we might have even got detention – to help us focus. However, there are good reasons to daydream when it is important.

Daydreaming lets your thoughts marinate so that you can think about your passions and ideas. When you let your unconscious mind wander, you come up with bigger and better ideas that are more innovative and closer to your heart.

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