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  • How does your life look right now?

    Are you satisfied playing as an extra or a bit player… or do you need to be the STAR? Using the same strategies and techniques that Hollywood actors use to create memorable, award-winning characters, you can become the star in your own life so you will be ready when the world yells: “ACTION!”

  • Would you like to learn how to...

    Recognize the roles you play out in life, conquer negative beliefs and automatic behaviors and develop new, empowering characters? Rekindle your passion for life, get in touch with your funny zone and reveal your sexuality?

  • Then Acting For Real is for YOU

    Thom’s powerful strategies and techniques, developed over a 40-year career as an actor and “Coach to the Stars,” will teach you how to captivate your audience and bring you all the success you desire!

I have read many, and I mean many, books about traditional self-help and nlp but this book put it all together in a simple, direct and effective way. The applicable exercises are working and you really can transform your life.

Amazon Review

ActingForReal may be the most unique, inspiring, and groundbreaking success-oriented books I've ever read. It's honestly like nothing I've ever seen before, and has helped me tremendously in only a few weeks.

J. Kurtz
Amazon Review

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What Other Superstars Are Saying About Thom...

“Thom has put everything in his coursework: acting insights and life insights, applicable acting techniques for creating dynamic, real characters and invaluable life techniques for successful careers! Thom has been my mentor, coach and friend for over 30 years. Let him help you like he has helped me.”

Tim Matheson
Actor and Director

“Thom has uniquely mastered NLP in his coursework.’ Brilliant!”

Dr. Richard Bandler
Cofounder Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

“This coursework recharged my enthusiasm, imagination, and creativity. It also reminded me to live in the present with as much passion as I can. You are what you believe!”

Tony Little
International Fitness Guru

“Understanding human behavior and the power of your own uniqueness is key to being successful in any endeavor. To have the courage to ‘just be’ is what Thom most definitely will give you. It did for me! Thanks, Thom, for putting this course togethe for everyone to experience!”

Joe Penny

“’Thom is smart, generous, and insightful. Seize the opportunity!”

Genevieve Bujold
Academy Award-Nominated Actress

“The best investment you can make in life is in yourself. Thom helps you become the STAR in your own life. Thom McFadden IS The Coach To The Stars.”

Fran Tarkenton
Entrepreneur and NFL Hall of Famer