Bio Section: Here i am in some of my favorite performances over the years.
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The Communicator


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"I think the author brings to light alot of feelings and emotions that all of us have from time to time but for some reason don't seem to focus on in a meaningful way. Thom highlights every day life situations and occurrences that we are faced with and provides us with helpful solutions to improve the quality of the overall outcome in a simplistic fashion. He is funny, to the point and really makes you feel like you can grasp his techniques in a short period of time. A must read for anyone who is starting something new, changing careers or looking for a new approach on life. Gave me a bit of confidence and new energy!"

by Divver



“Thom has put everything in his coursework: acting insights and life insights, applicable acting techniques for creating dynamic, real characters and invaluable life techniques for successful careers! Thom has been my mentor, coach and friend for over 30 years. Let him help you with your work like he has helped me.”

Tim Matheson, Actor and Director

“This coursework recharged my enthusiasm, imagination, and creativity. It also reminded me to live in the present with as much passion as I can. You are what you believe!”

Tony Little, International Fitness Guru

“Understanding human behavior and the power of your own uniqueness is key to being successful in any endeavor. To have the courage to ‘just be’ is what Thom most definitely will give you. It did for me! Thanks, Thom, for putting this course togethe for everyone to experience!”

Joe Penny, Actor

Thom has uniquely mastered NLP in his coursework.’ Brilliant!”

Dr. Richard Bandler, Author and Cofounder of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

“The best investment you can make in life is in yourself. Thom helps you become the STAR in your own life. Thom McFadden IS The Coach To The Stars.”

Fran Tarkenton, Entrepreneur and NFL Hall of Famer

“’Thom is smart, generous, and insightful. Seize the opportunity!”

Genevieve Bujold, Academy Award- nominated actress


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